Condominium sewer maintenance: how to prevent expensive interventions

The routine maintenance of the communal sewer is required to prevent this clogging causing problems in all buildings. Let’s see some good practices to prevent urgent purging of condominium sewers.

Ordinary cleaning of the condominium sewer network: a good practice
Among the most frequent problems to be solved in a condominium, we find repairs to the risers of the condominium water , the maintenance of the elevators, and the maintenance and cleaning of condominium sewers and wells.

Generally, a good condominium administrator knows that it is good practice to carry out an annual cleaning of the condominium sewers and sewers to prevent urgent repairs .

For their part, the condominiums can contribute to the good maintenance of the condominium sewerage. It is enough to avoid throwing exhausted oils, coffee laying, sanitary napkins or non-recyclable paper into the toilet or sink drains. These are some of the common household materials that most often cause the blockage of the condominium sewerage. The presence of bad odors coming from the drains could be a symptom of a sewer that is not perfectly working.

What happens if the condominium sewage discharges become clogged
The condominium sewer network allows the disposal of condominium waters towards the municipal sewers. However, the normal passage of water is often obstructed or reduced. The causes can be: the debris contained in the water, leaves and soil that come from the ground above due to rain through the manholes, the improper use of house drains to throw prohibited material and that should be disposed of differently. Once the condominium sewage discharges have become clogged, the sewage tends to rise to the surface and escape from the wells and drains of the house. In this case then it will be necessary to call a firm of vacuum trucks to carry out the extraordinary purge of the condominium sewers.

Renovation of the condominium sewerage
Failure to observe the good maintenance rules of condominium sewers can cause serious damage that could force the condominium to have to repair the sewer. Sometimes the renovation of the condominium sewerage may be due to wear, especially in older apartment buildings; sometimes it will be necessary to replace some pieces like the collectors because they may not be wide enough to let the water flow towards the wells. In other cases it can be serious atmospheric events that cause the sewers to break and make it necessary to replace the sewage drains of the condominium or other parts of the sewer.