Sewer video inspections: when is it necessary to do them?

Have you ever thought of having the status of the sewers or pipes checked to prevent breakdowns or obstructions? Today the specialized plumber can carry out sewer and pipe video inspections and check the health of sewers, pipes and pipes. In this way it is possible to prevent and solve a lot of problems in a targeted and efficient manner and at a low cost.

Sewer video inspections: what is it?
Sewer video inspections allow the analysis of sewer pipes and pipes by inserting a camera inside them. The size and type of cameras used varies according to the pipes to be inspected (between 2 cm and 2 meters in diameter).

Camcorders (push-fit for house pipes or mounted on automated trolleys in case of sewers) generally have a swivel head and a sensor connected to a surface locator that allows to precisely identify the position, depth and direction of the pipes sewers and pipes.

Thanks to the cameras it is possible to carry out live inspections , take photographs or make recordings and make a mapping of the sewers and pipes through connected software. The costs of the video inspection vary according to the type of pipe or sewerage to be examined and the type of inspection or intervention to be carried out.

Why and when it is necessary to make the sewage video inspection
The video inspection of the sewers and pipes allows you to check directly from inside the state of maintenance, deterioration and cleaning of the pipes and pipes. The video inspection is mainly used to verify:

the presence of blockages and debris that can obstruct the sewer and cause the reflux and leakage of sewage from wells, drains or vent pipes of the house;
micro-injuries of the pipes (of bathrooms, kitchens or pipes that can cause infiltration and in the long run flooding;
the collapse of sewer lines due to landslides or mudslides or heavy rains that caused an open-air sewer to rise;
broken old pipes , due to advanced age, asphalt pressure or fillings caused by root or foliage intrusion;
illegal connections , especially in condominiums.
Mapping of the sewer network
Moreover, through the sewage video inspections it is possible to map the sewer network and, in the case of new buildings or subdivisions, also the testing of the network itself .

The main advantages of video inspection are the speed with which the inspection is carried out , the precision with which any failure or clogging is identified, and above all the possibility of carrying out targeted repairs at the exact point where the problem is detected , without necessity to demolish sections of masonry or pavement in search of the fault with a considerable economic saving.