The aerated sprig or jet breaker: guaranteed water savings!

Today it is possible to save water by installing a spigot , a small cylindrical device that is mounted at the end of the taps to reduce the flow of water supplied, without however reducing the yield of the system.

How the jets or jet breakers work
The aerated aerator, also called frangigetto for taps, is composed of a ring nut, a rubber gasket, holes and screens, and can be made of ABS or brass. This device acts as a water flow reducer: by increasing the air inside the jet, the jet breaker ensures that the water flow is reduced. While the power of the jet remains unchanged, water consumption is reduced with a considerable water saving.

The aerators, installed on the taps of the house – kitchen and bathroom sink, shower or bidet and even the filter taps – can in fact get us to save 30% of consumption!

Water saving: other ways to save water
Installing an aerator on all faucets in your home does not guarantee total water savings! Keeping an eye on water leaks helps us reduce consumption, and therefore costs.

If you really want to save money, the first rule is to carry out constant maintenance of the water systems, checking the water system and checking the water meter. It is recommended to contact professional best plumber in your area.

If you suspect a toilet leak, a good solution is to read the meter before going to sleep and again in the morning when you wake up.

The second rule to be observed is to make sure there are no limescale deposits, not only in the visible parts of the taps, but above all inside the pipes. The limestone, in fact, hinders the passage of water and damages the pipes, causing losses.

Finally we can reduce water consumption and save water simply by changing our daily habits. The flowing water consumes about 30 liters, so when we are in the bathroom we can turn off the tap when we brush our teeth, or when we are serving up, thus avoiding unnecessary waste. Even in the kitchen you can save water with small steps, such as washing vegetables in a basin instead of under running water, or turning off the tap.

Flow reducers: which to choose?
Do you want to install a spigot for the faucet? Can’t choose between the many flow reducers for taps on the market? Contact an experienced plumber and let him advise you on which model to buy and which is the best brand to trust.